companion planting

Companion planting is the art of mimicking natures biodiversity to provide a natural habitat for beneficial insects and using the relationships plants have with each other to provide pest trap (insect attractant), pest repellent and other ecological uses, including dinner or brewing ingredients.

Nature is like a network or collection of related life which exist as a web. If you touch any of the fibers which are the web, all points reverberate and are affected. Nature's is complex and abundant and is not straight. Nature is diverse and can be balanced but it is not homogenized or perfect.

Trust nature.

All of the seeds and transplants used in the hopyard by Simple Earth Hops were sourced through Seed Savers Exchange of Decorah, Iowa.

Here is a list of companion plants some of which we have been testing in the hopyard and some of which already exist as native plants in the Dodgeville, Wisconsin hopyard. You can also view this shared spreadsheet directly from our Google Docs account.

Refer to this list of helpful resources for more information about beneficial insects and companion planting.